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Taj999 water pumps and screw worm . we put energy in the water . water the bases of all life. The flow of water develop economies and driver growth, we understand this.

If you want peace of mind then use taj999 water pumps and screw worm.

Every small step we take is aim to make a big difference to costumers. Expertise and adroit human resources are our saline features.

In our water pumps there is no need to change screw worm over and over again.

Use our product screw worm which prepared by high quality rubber and well chromed iron rod with the use of latest technology.You will rest assured that the flow of water will be consistent. We not only sell products we have been also returning back value from our end.

We put Energy in the Water.

Taj999 passionately believes that efficiency and thinking ahead is what makes all the difference.

We have distribution network throughout the country.

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You cab buy our products from www.taj999.com/shop/

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